SINE DOLORE European Pain Foundation Annual Meeting

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Thursday, April 30


  1. 20.00
  2. Pain Forum Opening Ceremony 
  3. Magistral Conference: “Medicine in the Middle Ages"
    Dr. Ignacio Velázquez. Vice President of the Andalusian Pain Society, presented by Professor Dr. Luis Miguel Torres, President of the Andalusian Pain Society.

Friday, May 1


  1. 08.30
  2. Round Tabke: "Advances in the intervention and psychological of chronic pain"
  3. Prof. Dr. Pedro Montoya, Professor of Psychobiology, University of the Balearic Islands
    - " Psycgisimatics and chronic pain" Fernando Marinez-Pintor, Rheumatologist, Doctor of Medicine, Vice  President of the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine (SEMP)
    - " Psychological treatment in chronic pain: therapy cognitive-behavioral terapy or acceptance and commitment? Dr. Francisco Javier Cano, Professor of University, Departament of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment - University of Sevilla.
    - " Why is psychological treatment important in rheumatic and autoimmune diseases?" Milena Gabbo Montoya. Psycologist President of OpenReuma and Coordinator of the Psychology and Pain Working Group of the COP in Madrid.
  1. 09.30
  2. Round Table: "Keynote Speaker"
  3. Prof. Dr. Alfonso Vidal Marcos, Chief Pain Management Department, Hospital Quironsalud Sur de Alcorcon y Hopital La Luz. Madrid
    Prof. Dr. Jordi Guitart Vela, Head of the Pathology of Pain Service of the Platon Hospital. Member EMNIPRE ( European Multidiciplinary Network in Pain Research and Education) Catalunya.
    -  "Regenerative Medicine in Pain". Prof. Dr. Luis Miguel Torres. Professor of Anesthesia. Cadiz University. Head of Anesthesia-Resuscitation and Pain Treatment Service. Director of Surgery Department. Cadiz University. Director of the UGC Anesthesia- Resuscitation. Puerta del Mar Hospital. President of the Andalusian Pain Association. Past President of the AAEAR
    "Chronic pain. No matter the question, the answer is inflammation ”Prof. Carlos Goicoechea. Professor of Pharmacology. Director. Department of Basic Health Sciences. Faculty of Health Sciences. King Juan Carlos University. Madrid.
    Dr. Stephane Fournier. Montpelier
    "Central sensitization syndrome" Dr. Jose Maria Hernandez Garcia. Harvard Pain Fellow, Vithas Ntra Mrs. of America pain unit coordinator. Madrid.
    "Anesthesia and Pain Treatment in developing countries." Dr. Tomás Cobos. Specialist in Anesthesiology. Vice President of the Collegiate Medical Organization (WTO). Vice President of the UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists).
  1. 11.00
  2. Roundtable: “Opioids and addiction”
  3. Study of addiction in animal models
    Responsible prescription of opioids: 10 years of experience
  1. 12.00
  2. Roundtable: “Multidisciplinary management of patients with depression and pain”
  3. Moderator: Dr. Miguel Lazaro. Psychiatrist  Education)
    - " Fist Step: AP, what masks a chronic pain"? Dra. Ana Moya. GdT of Pain. of SEMERGEN ( Bennassar Architect Health Center)
    - "Non-psychiatric pathologies that occur with pain in AP". Dr. Carmen Fernández. GdT of Pain of SEMERGEN (Santa Catalina Health Center).
    - "Second step: Pain in the hospital setting." Dr. Jordi Guerrero. Internal Medicine (Hospital Mateu Orfila).
    - "Third step: Therapeutic approach to pain in psychiatry". Dr. Miguel Lázaro. Psychiatrist. (CSM Santa Ponsa. Consult Lázaro Ferreruela).
  1. 13.00
  3. Moderator. Dr. Carlos Burguera. H. University Doctor Peset Valencia
    - "Hydromorphone: When, How and Why?" Dr. Jesus Maldonado. Hospital Quirón salud Málaga.
    - "Clinical Experience with Hydromorphone " Dr. Josep López Garrido. Granollers General Hospital
    "Multidisciplinary treatment of pain”
  1. 14.00

Hotal Occidental Menorca Conference Room

  1. 16.00
  2.  Round Table: " Update on interventionism in the treatment of pain"
  3. -"Interventional techniques in sacroiliac joint pain".
    - "Amplitude optimization in systems without paresthesias".
    - "Wavewriter the new platform".
    - "Epidurosocopy in patients with canal stenosis.
  2. Oral defense of the posters in the plenary room with the projection of the posters on the giant screen.



  1. 17.00
  2. Acupunture Workshop on more prevalent pain pathology
  3. - Knee
    Director of the Workshop
    Prof. Dr. Rafael Cobos Romana
    Doctor of medicine and surgery. Scientific Director of the Master of Acupunture " Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Sevilla President of the Spanish Medical Acupunture Society (SAME) Cofunder of the Institute for the Study and Integral Treatment of Pain ( IETID). The Andalusian Association of Pain.
    - Hip
    Prof. Dra. Marian Lorente 
    Doctor in Medicine and Sugery. Professor of Anatomy. Director of the Laboratory of Clinical and Virtual Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vic. UCC. Associate Professor. Tecknon Pain Clinic. President of the Acupuncture Section of the Medical Association of Barcelona. Professor of the Master of Acupunture University of Barcelona.
    - Myofascial syndromes
    Prof. Dr. Alfonso Vidal Marcos
    Head of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Service. Director of the Pain Unit. South Hospital of Alcorcón. Professor Anesthesiology. Complutense University of Madrid. Master in Acupunture​

Saturday, May 2

    Conference Room

    1. 09.00
    2. Round Table: Update on Pediatric Pain
    3. Moderator: Dr. Luis Alberto Vázquez López. Pediatric Group of the Spanish Pain Society. Pediatric Service of the International Ruber Hospital of Madrid.
      - “What do the Primary Care pediatricians think about Childhood Pain? "Dr. Ignacio Manrique Martínez.Coordinator of the Child Pain Working Group of the Spanish Society of Outpatient Pediatrics and Primary Care (SEPEAP). Director of the Valencian Institute of Pediatrics.
      - “Are we doing everything we can?” Dr. Eliana Lopes Santos Pediatrician Specialized in Childhood Pain. Pediatric Service of the Quirón Pozuelo University Hospital in Madrid.
      - "Pain Detection and Treatment in Children with Physical and Cognitive Deficits". Dr. Tania María García Abreu. Specialist Anesthetist in Infant Pain, Creator of the Web. Anesthesia and Resuscitation Service of the Quirón Hospital in Valencia.
      - "Conclusions". Immaculate Dr. Bald Penadés. Coordinator of the Working Group of Child Pain of the AEP, as head of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics. “Head of the Rheumatology Section of the Pediatrics Service of the La Fé University Hospital in Valencia.
    1. 10.00
    2. Roundtable “Headache and Work. Health-social and labor impact. European Migraine and Labor Survey”
    3. Moderator: Dra. Ma Teofila Vicente Herrero
      Elena Ruiz de la Torre, representing the patients as president of the EMHA
      Germma Espi as a physiotherapist specializing in headache therapies (she is also the director of several theses on this subject as well as vice-dean of the faculty of physiotherapy in Valencia)
      Mª Victoria Ramirez Iñiguez de la torre as a doctor of work and co-author of multiple publications on this subject and collaborator in the recent European survey on migraine and work
      Ana Gonzalez Manero as a headache neurologist
    1. 11.00
    2. Round Table: Role of radiotherapy in the treatment of pain.
    3. - “Effect of radiotherapy as pain treatment"
      - “Painful pathologies most frequently treated with radiotherapy
    1. 12.00
    2. Round Table: "Approach to Chronic Pain in Rehabilitation"
    3. President: Dr. Roser Garreta Figuera. President of SERMEF.
      Secretary: Dr. Francisco Luna Cabrera. President of SAMFYRE and Vice President of SERMEF.
      - "Training in Pain: Present and future in Rehabilitation”
      - "Evaluation and treatment Rehabilitation of the patient with myofascial pain" - "Integral Approach and Rehabilitation treatment in patients with DNL"
    1. 13.00
    2. Debate Table “Duties of the scientific society with its partners”
    3. Moderator:
      Prof. Luis Miguel Torres. President of the Andalusian Society of Pain and Continued Assistance. (AADAC)
      Dr. Roser Garreta Figuera. Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (SERMEF)
      Dr. Ma Teofila Vicente Herrero. Spanish Association of Specialists in Occupational Medicine. (AEEMT)
      Dr. Ignacio Velazaquez. Vice President of the Andalusian Society of Pain and Continued Assistance. (AADAC)
      Dr.SEOR, Spanish Society of Oncoradioterapia
      Dr. Javier Hidalgo. Spanish Society of Craniomandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain. (SEDCYDO)
      Dr. Dolores Alarcón. Valencia Society of Pain.
    1. 14.00

    Conference Room​

    2. Oral defense of the posters in the plenary room with the projection of the posters on the giant screen.



    1. 16.00
    2. Multilevel workshop of applied ultrasound in the treatment of pain
    3. The workshop will be eminently practical content, with the use of the ultrasound by the student from the beginning.
      The workshop consists of 4 work stations
      Dr Santiago Domenech De Frutos
      Emergency and Emergency Physician, Master in musculoskeletal ultrasound in traumatology and rheumatology, Master in Emergency Medicine, Master in Acute Pathology and Pediatric Emergencies
      University Specialist in Sub-aquatic and Hyperbaric Medicine University Expert in Teaching and Digital Skills in Health Sciences. Diploma in Integral Ultrasound Former National Coordinator of the SEMES-CPR program (American Heart Association) Consultant of the program of continuous professional development in primary care (DPC-AP) of SEMERGEN PALS Instructor, ACLS Instructor, BLS instructor, FCCS Instructor, PHTLS Provider, Spanish Triage System Instructor, ATLS provider, APLS Course Director, ECSI Instructor, SEMERGEN Ultrasound Working Group Instructor Immediate Life Support Instructor Spanish CPR Council Attached to the Emergency and Emergency Coordination of the Association Anesthesia Resuscitation Spain AnesthesiaR Sports injuries and orthobiological medicine unit Elgeadi Traumatology For more information:

      - Professor Alain Fernández
      Ultrasound Applications Specialist. MSK Sonography Instructor at
      Miami / Fort Lauderdale Area, United States
      For more information: rdms-rdcs-rvt-rt-s-163b47a3/
      - Dr. Jorge Cuevas González
      Emergency and emergency doctor
      Sports injuries and orthobiological medicine unit Elgeadi Traumatology
      For more information:
      - Dr. Miguel Contreras Ojeda
      Anesthesiology specialist General Mateu Orfila Hospital
    1. 18.00
    3. Dr. Hidalgo Tallon. 
      Bases and evidence of ozone therapy in pain medicine. Interest in extended chronic pain.
      Dr. Vaca Miguel. Management of ozone therapy in a Pain Unit
      Oscar Hidalgo Gonzalez. Medical ozone generators. Quality standards.
      Dr. Torres Hortelano. Autologous serum rich in growth and anti-inflamatory proteins. Fundamentals and applications.
    1. 20.00
    2. Closing Ceremony of the Pain Forum with the Assistance of Institutional Authorities.
    3. Keynote Conference: "Dr. Fidel Pages, military doctor assigned to menorca, discoverer of epidural anesthesia" Dr. Ignacio Velazquez. Vice President of the Andalusian Pain Society.

    Sunday, May 3 

    Hotel Occidental Menorca Conference Room

    1. 09.00​
    2. Oral defense of the posters in the plenary room with the projection of the poster on the giant screen.
    1. 11.00 
    2. Pain Euro-Mediterranean Coalition annual meeting 2020


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