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Thursday, May 2 


  1. 20.00
  2. Pain Forum Opening Ceremony 
  3. Magistral Conference: “Medicine in the time of the Templars​"
    Dr. Ignacio Velázquez. Vice President of the Andalusian Pain Society, presented by Professor Dr. Luis Miguel Torres, President of the Andalusian Pain Society.

Friday, 03 th May


  1. 09.00
  2. Roundtable: " Opioid-induced Constipation: How Much It Affects Our Patients and What's New to Overcome It"
  3. Chairman of the Bureau
    Dr. Jose Riera
    Head of the Anesthesia and Pain Clinic. Tarragona.
    Dr. Juan Dominguez. 
    Head of Section, Digestive Medicine Service, Hospital Clinic University.
    Dr. Juan José Marino.
    Medical coordination of the Palliative Medicine Unit of the western sector.
    Dr. Jose Riera
    Head of the Anesthesia and Pain Clinic. Tarragona.
  1. 10.00
  2. Roundtable: " How to prevent the addition to fast fentanyls, multidiciplinary point of view"
  3. Speakers:
    Prof. Dr. Alfonso Vidal Marcos
    Member of EMNIPRE-EIU (European Multidiciplinary Network in Pain Reserch and Education). Head of the Southern Hospital Pain Unit. Professor of Anesthesiology. Faculty of Denistry. Complutense University of Madrid.
    Prof. Dr. Jordi Vila Justribó 
    Clinical Head of the University Hospital Arnau Vilanova, Lleida. Professor of Medicine at the University of Lleida. Member of EMNIPRE-EIU (European Multidiciplinary Network in Pain Reserch and Education)
  1. 11.00
  2. Roundtable. "The combination of Paracetamol/ Tramadol for the tratment of pain: do we know everything?"
  3. - Management of the P & T combination: When, how and to whom.
    Dr. Jenaro Mañero Rey
    Pain Unit Parc Tauli Hospital Sabadell ( Barcelona) 
    - When a single opioid is not enough.
    - The importance of personalizing tratment in patients with chronic pain.
  1. 12.00
  2. Roundtable." Controversies in the management of Irruptive Pain Oncologic with Sublingual Fentanyl"
  3. 12:00 h. Introduction Moderator: 
    Dr. Jordi Guitart Vela.
    Head of the Pain Unit Platon University Hospital.
    12.05 h. Multidiciplinary management in the patient with bone pain secondary to bone metastases.
    12:20 h. New perspectives in the approach of a difficult pain: Pancoast Syndrome
    12:35 h. Improving adherence to treatment of breakthrough pain in an elderly cancer.
    12:50 h. Conclusion and questions.
  1. 13.00
  2. Roundtable: Management of oncologic onset pain in a Pain Unit and in patients with tumors of the ENT and lung area. Casuistry, efficacy and adherence.
  3. President:
    Dra. Maria Isabel Vargas Domingo
    Hospital San Boi del Llobregat 
    13:00 h. Patients with tumord of ENT area and lung. Casuistry, efficacy and adherence.
    13:20 h. Managing breakthrough pain in Pain Unit.
    13:40 h. Questions and Answers
    13:55 h. Conclusions
    Dra. Julia Ferreras Zamora.
    Hospital Residencia Sant Camil. Barcelona.
  1. 14.00

Conference Room

  1. 15.00 h 
  2.   Roundtable: " Update on interventionism in the treatment of pain"
  3. - The fourth step
    Dra. Eva Monzón. 
    Associate Head Pain Unit Hospital Univerity Quiron - Salud Madrid
    - Medually stimulation. New forms of stimulation
    Dra. Maria Derecho
    Pain Unit Hospital La Fe. Valencia.
    - Epiduriscopia
    Dr. P. Garcia
    Pain Unit Hospital Universitario Quiron Salud Madrid
  1. 16.00 h - 20.00 h
  2.  Oral defense of the posters in the plenary room with projection of the poster on the giant screen.



  1. 15.30 - 17.00
  2. Acupunture Workshop on more prevalent pain pathology
  3. - Knee
    Director of the Workshop
    Prof. Dr. Rafael Cobos Romana
    Doctor of medicine and surgery. Scientific Director of the Master of Acupunture " Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Sevilla President of the Spanish Medical Acupunture Society (SAME) Cofunder of the Institute for the Study and Integral Treatment of Pain ( IETID). The Andalusian Association of Pain.
    - Hip
    Prof. Dra. Marian Lorente 
    Doctor in Medicine and Sugery. Professor of Anatomy. Director of the Laboratory of Clinical and Virtual Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vic. UCC. Associate Professor. Tecknon Pain Clinic. President of the Acupuncture Section of the Medical Association of Barcelona. Professor of the Master of Acupunture University of Barcelona.
    - Myofascial syndromes
    Prof. Dr. Alfonso Vidal Marcos
    Head of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Service. Director of the Pain Unit. South Hospital of Alcorcón. Professor Anesthesiology. Complutense University of Madrid. Master in Acupunture

  1. 17.00  - 18:30 
  3. - "Fundaments of Ozone Therapy in Pain Medicine
    Dr. Francisco Javier Hidalgo Tallón
    - "Scientific Evidence of Ozone Therapy in Pain medicine"
    Dr. Jose Baeza Noci
    - "Management of Ozone Therapy in a Pain Unit"
    Dr.Jose Manuel Vaca Miguel
    -"Generators of medical ozone. Practical demonstration"
    D. Oscar Hidalgo González.
    Director Int. Heathcare Ozone SEDECAL

Saturday, May 4 th


  1. 08.00
  2. Roundtable: " Keynote Speakers"
  3. Round Table: "Keynote Speakers" Moderators: -Prof. Dr. Luis Miquel Torres, President of Andalusian Pain Association.Spain
    Dr. Stéphane Fournier . MD, Departement of Anesthesiology and Reanimation DARC, Neuroscience critical care Unit, Montpellier University Hospital. France.

    Can deksmedetomidine reduce postoperative pain? Dra. Jasmina Markovič Božič, MD, assist,  Phd; Clinical department of anaesthesiology and surgical intensive care, UMC Ljubljana. Slovenia.

    “Using the brain to control pain: reality or utopy?” Prof. Dra. Isaura Tavares. Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto.Researcher at I3S - Institute for Research and Innovation in Health. Portugal .

    "New pharmacological targets” Prof. Carlos Goicoechea. Full Professor of Pharmacology. Director. Department of Basic Health Sciences. Faculty of Health Sciences. University Rey Juan Carlos. Spain.

    “What about opioids for chronic pain?”. Prof. Dr. Jose Castro.  Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. Researcher at I3S - Institute for Research and Innovation in Health. Portugal.

    How do you develop and run an efficient clinic?, How so you develop novel pain medicine program operationally? Kayode A. Williams, MD, MBA, FFARCSI. Medical Director Practice Innovations Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians, Vice-Chair for System Integration ACCM, Associate Professor Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. Division of Pain Medicine Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Associate Professor Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. EEUU.


  1. 10.00
  2. Roundtable. "Tapentadol in the chronification of pain" 
  3. Moderator
    Dr. Rafael Gálvez Mateos.
    Pain Unit of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada​
    - Identifying the signs of central sensitization of chronic pain.
    - Management and treatment of chronic pain due to osteoarthrosis.


  1. 11.00
  2. Roundtable: " Update in the treatment of oro-facial pain"
  3. Speaker:
    Prof. Dr. Cosme Gay-Escoda
    ​Chairman and Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the University of Barcelona. Director of Master of Oral Surgery and Implantology of the EFHRE International University. Coordinator of reserch group " Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Therapeutics" of the Institute of Biomedical Reserch of Bellviatge (IDIBELL) Head of Departament of Oral Surgery. Implantology and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Teknon Medical Center, Barcelona. Spain
    Prof. Dr. José Luis Gutiérrez Pérez. 
    Full Professor of Oral Surgery. Director of Master of Oral Surgery, University of Seville. Head of Maxillofacial Surgery Departament, Hospital Virgen del Rocio de Sevilla. Spain
  1. 12.00
  2. Roundtable: "Rehabilitation and Pain, Comprehensive Approach"
  3. Moderator
    Dra. Roser Garreta
    - Pain in Peripheral Neuropathies
    Dr. Francisco Luna Cabrera.
    Vice-president of the Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine ( SERMEF). President of the Andalusian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Reina Sofia University Hospital. Cordoba.
    - Evidence of Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain.
    Dra. Roser Garreta Figuera.
    President of the Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicene (SERMEF). Head of the Service of the Mutua Terrassa University Hospital. Head of Service of Egarsat. 

  1. 13.00
  2. Roundtable: New Technologies in the Investigation and Treatment of Chronic Pain from a Biopsychosocial Perspective"
  3. Prof. Dr. Pedro Montoya
    Professor of Biological Psychology at the University of the Balearic Islands, Palma
    - Psychological aspects of pediatric pain
    - Cerebral blood flow dynamics and pain.
    - Affective modulation of brain activity in chronic pain.


  1. 14.00

Conference Room

  1. 15.00
  2.  Master conference: " Introduction to Physical Exercise and Health, in a patient with pain".
  3. Speaker:
    Dr. Fernando Serrano Pérez.
    Head of the Rehabilitation Service of the Quironsalud Sur Hospital in Alcorcón and the Beata Maria Ana de Jesús Hospital in Madrid. National Triathlon Level 3 coach. Collaborating doctor of Nike International. Athlete of 40 years of feferated practice. National Veteran Champion of Cross, 3000 meters smooth and 5000 meters smooth. 3rd place in cross country at the European Veterans Championships. 3rd place in cross country in the Veterans World Championship. Medical Rehabilitation of S.M. Don Juan Carlos de Borbon y Borbon (2013-2015).
  1. 16.00
  2. Mater Conference: "Role of the pharmacist in the treatment of pain".
  3. President: Cristina Pons Landino, community pharmacist from Mahón, Menorca.
    - “Use and abuse of fast acting fentanyl". Rosa García Ferrer, pharmacist at the Center
    for Information on Medicines of COFIB.
    - "Safety problems at high doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen". Javier García Veiga,
    community pharmacist. Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands
    - "Pharmaceutical care in the dispensation of master formulas with indication for pain".
    Mrs. Olga Farriol Sutorius. Pharmacist and assistant nutritionist at Bartolomé
    Oliver Pharmacy.
  1. 17.00
  2. Roundtable: "Past, Present and Future of Pain Treatment in the Private Sector"
  3. President:
    Dr. José M. Hernández Garcia
    Hospital Vithas Nuestra Sta. de América. Havarrd Fellow in Pain Management
    Dr. José Luis Córdoba
    Responsible for the Pain Units of the Sant Honorat Clinic, Barcelona, and the Hospital de Mollet. Barcelona
  4. - Global Private Health Opportunities.
    Dr. Enrique Lizaso Olmos
    M.D., Ph.D., B.Math, B.S.C.E., M.B.A. Founder and CEO of OmnixHealth, ( Company dedicated to the recruitment of Global Private Patients)
    - " Is the Management of the patients in the prvate sphere different?"
    - Ehealth as a future in chronic patients follow-up, digital consultations to assist patients anywhere in the world.

    Prof D Fernando Llorca del Barrio.
    Degree in Law University of Oviedo. Master in Business Management, Expert in creating and developing marketing channels both online and offline mainly in the telecommunications sector, where he holds management positions. Expert in digital transformation of companies and institutions in various sectors. Expert in strategic marketing.

E-Health Workshop

  1. 15.30
  2. Prof. D. Gonzalo Iglesias Antelo
    Degree in physical education. Expert in sports management. First-class sports coach whith experience in the management of sports federations.
    Prof. D. Fernando Llorca del Barrio.
    Deegre in Law University of Oviedo, Master in Business Management, Expert in creating and developing marketing channels both online and offline mainly in the telecommunications sector, where he holds management positions. Expert in digital transformation of companies and institutions in various sectors. Expert in strategic marketing.
    Prof. José Manuel Fernández Miras 
    Degree in Law, specialist in Data Protecction Law and the Law of New Information Technologies. Master in law of the new information technologies.
    Prof. Alejandro García Bayón 
    Bachelor of Law, is an expert in online marketing and in the development of companies marketing products and services through the internet. A founding partner of Keraboo Labs ( a think tank in the field of e-commerce) he was previously involved in the creation and management of Ozire Digital ( Online Marketing Service) and Zesto  ( Online Marketing Agency) 
    Importance social networks:
    • Why are social networks important for health professionals?
    • Social networks as channels of communication with patients
    • Advantages provided to the professional is the use of social networks
    • Why do health professionals need a digital identity?
    • Move between two waters: the offline world and the online world.
    • The importance of online visibility to make us known in a global world.
    • The traditional CV is dead. How to assert our experience on the internet.
    Objectives of the social networking workshop:
    • Know the importance of e-health and social networks today.
    • Acquire knowledge necessary to manage the main Social Networks for an adequate management and use in the health environment
    • Know the online tools of management, collaboration, search and selection of health content
    • Understand the need to manage your own digital identity and develop a professional profile through online marketing tools to create a Personal Brand.
    Objectives of the workshop:
    • New European Data Protection Regulation
    • Obligations for the treatment of health data.• Rights of patients in relation to their personal data.
    • Implications that in the matter of data protection can have the use of technological tools of management of schedules and clinical histories.
    • Requirements required for the subsequent use of health data for research purposes or for commercial communications.
    • Requirements for medical professionals to provide health data
    • To know other practical issues related to privacy that may arise in the private practice of Medicine:
    • Penalty regime and liability (civil and criminal) for breach of obligations regarding Personal Data Protection.
  1. 16.30 - 18.00 h
  2. Regenerative Medicine Workshop 
  3. Evolution of cellular therapies.
    Dr. Juan Pedro Lapuente
    Adipose tissue as a source of stem cells.
    Dr. Enric Munt
    Potentiality of stem cells in the pain unit (scientific evidence and clinical trials).
    Dr. Juan Pedro Lapuente
    Innovative clinical trials with cellular therapies as a driving driver of the cellular therapy ecosystem in Spain: a bridge for professionals for a clinical application of excellence.
    D. Francisco Bas.
    Present and future of stem cells.
    Dr. Juan Pedro Lapuente
    • Dr. Juan Pedro Lapuente.
    European Master on Transfusional Medicine and Advanced Cellular Therapies, scientific director Phisiup Clinic. Specialist in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering, a full member of the Tissue Engineering International Regenerative Medicine Society, with extensive experience in the field of research into new technologies applied to physical medicine, doctor of Physical Medicine and Licentiate in Physiotherapy, teacher of the school EUSES From the University of Girona during the last years.
    • Francisco Bas.
    Master in Business Administration MBA from the IESE-University of Navarra. He has a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a European Master in Science, Technology, Economics and Society from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has been working in the Biotechnology and Biomedicine sector for 25 years, with special emphasis on the transfer of biomedical technology to the market. to bioemprendedorescientíficos to create competitive biocompanies within the ecosystem of European innovation.
    • Dr. Ernic Munt.
    Medical Director Clínica Mediben Palma de Mallorca specialist in lipoaspirate optimized for obtaining cellular groups of adipose tissue. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Master in aesthetic medicine by the UIB, Master in aesthetic surgery by the SECE, Professor of the master of aesthetic medicine at the UIB, collaborator in several trauma clinics and sports medicine for the extraction of adipose tissue and SVF optimization (Stromal Vascular Fraction) in athletes with low body fat index.


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